Updates updates: 2002

September 26

Added a section to the favorite games page about games I want to like, but, for one reason or another, do not really like.

September 22

One way to keep from losing your mind while spending 18 months writing two tech books in a row is to play games whenever you can. I made a page about some of my favorite board and card games.

September 21

Much has happened. See the blog for the blow-by-blow.

  • In March I signed a contract to work on Mac OS X in a Nutshell, another fine O'Reilly title. It should be on shelves by year's end. This, more than anything, explains my radio silence throughout the year. I do not like being so silent, and hence I do not expect to sign any more book contracts for a while.
  • In May I moved back to Somerville with my friends Noah and Melissa. Unfortunately, our house does not yet have a webpage.
  • In July, after deciding that the freelance life just wasn't working out for me, I got a full-time job working for the Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School in Boston. My position is Senior Web Programmer for the Molecular Target Laboratory. It's quite fun.

At some point I upgraded the machine's Perl to version 5.8 and in so doing broke a lot of the legacy toys yet again. Mumble.

April 5

Added a link on the Perl & XML page to coauthor Erik Ray's website.

March 22

Added some links to the writings page, including a Mac column I got published on the O'Reilly Network, and a report of a movie marathon I attended last month.

Stopped noting the year on individual entries for this page, since I've clearly adopted a one-page-per-year system.

March 21

I've quietly relaunched today. The website has been more or less frozen since I lost my job last fall, but I've started to do interesting things again.

Most of the the changes are organizational. New material includes:

I've also dumped four months' worth of weblog entries from another site into the jmac Weblog, all at once. Cleanup to follow.

The site is still pretty darn visually plain, yes. There's quite a lot more I'd like to add, in both content and design. The urge to update, however, beat out the desire to wait until I was "finished".

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