The state of my life, in an occasionally updated nutshell. (Last updated September 17, 2021.)


In August, Amy and I moved into a little co-op in New York City's Upper West Side neighborhood. It's the first home either of us have ever owned, after decades of renting. We love it here, and after years of moving every 18 months or so, we finally expect to stay put for a long time.


I have switched careers away from software engineering, returning to my professional roots by joining Google as a technical writer this past June. I lead a small team in charge of the documentation of a cloud database service. A very new kind of professional challenge for me, and I'm here for it.

Amy loves her job as Columbia University's systems librarian–the reason we moved to NYC, in late 2019. After a full year and a half of COVID-forced remote work, the 2021 academic year sees her reporting to her on-campus office two or three days a week.

In late 2020 I began renting a tiny midtown office, right in Rockefeller Center, and I go there on any day that Amy works from home. (Midtown rents dropped quite a lot that year.) I have the option to use Google's New York offices beginning in late September, but I don't yet know whether or how often I will.

Ongoing projects

Still presidenting at IFTF, which amidst my ever-careening attention remains top candidate for the most meaningful thing I'll ever have done with my life.

Somehow I still manage to push out at least a couple of Fogknife articles every month—a habit I have kept up since 2014, even if full-time work has lowered my publication pace.

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