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Amy and I moved to New York City at the end of 2019 – six months ago, as I write this. That meant that we got to explore and engage with New York for just over three months before everything changed.

Our West Harlem neighborhood has so far avoided the worst ravages of the pandemic, and saw little of the violence that hurt other parts of New York during the recent protests. This is just as well, since we have had no rationale to leave it. Like countless other New Yorkers, our world has shrunk to fit within the walls of our apartment, broken by the occasional grocery run or stroll for fresh air.

I accept the unlikelihood of things ever “returning to normal”, but I hope that someday soon we can travel and see our friends and family again, who we miss terribly.

Until then, I can only strive to be a good neighbor in a difficult time. I have quickly grown to love my new city, which made me feel welcome as soon as we arrived. Nothing has changed that.


Amy’s job at Columbia University – the reason we moved here – transitioned easily enough to an online-only mode. She feels unworried about it.

I intentionally wrapped up my last consulting gig at the end of March and entered a short sabbatical. (Yes, timing, but I had planned to do this months in advance anyway.) I have used this time to work on personal projects and sharpen my own professional skills. I have done a bit of freelance technical writing during this break β€” the first time I’ve gotten paid to write anything in many years.

I intend to start looking around for work again presently.

Ongoing projects

Still presidenting at IFTF, which amidst my ever-careening attention remains top candidate for the most meaningful thing I'll ever have done with my life.

Somehow I still manage to push out three or four Fogknife articles every month — a habit I have kept up for more than five years now.

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