The current foci of my attention. (Last updated December 14, 2019.)

Hello New York

I recently moved to New York City after almost thirty years in New England. These lands may neighbor one another, but they are wholly discrete culturally; I've never lived in a place like this before. I have just started to explore and make new connections here, socially and professionally. (Many Boston-area expats of my acquaintance live here already, giving me a head start, for which I am grateful.)

Now what? and “Now”: what?

My sole active software consulting contract will end after the winter, prompting me to decide my next professional direction. After over a decade as a software freelancer, I feel open to something different; maybe writing. Yes, moving to a different part of the country encourages this sort of thinking.

And, of course, I just made this here Now page. The concept of Now pages represent another tiny little open-web movement that I like.

Staying healthy

I continue to work on Sweat, my workout-timer program. I use it nearly every day. It does its job but it could be a lot more pleasant to use, even only as a command-line program. Some folks have started providing some feedback, and even pull requests, all of which I find quite welcome.

Apparently my guts are kind of mangled? The hematologist who ordered an ultrasound of my abdomen last month — just days before my move — said that I possessed “a constellation of minor issues”; none particularly alarming, but all suggesting further examination. I wait patiently for Amy's new-job health insurance to switch on, sometime in early 2020, because for all my moving around I remain in America.

Ongoing stuff

Still presidenting at IFTF, which amidst my ever-careening attention remains top candidate for the most meaningful thing I'll ever have done with my life.

Somehow I still manage to push out three or four Fogknife articles every month. December 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of my starting that habit. I'd say this is highly unusual for me but I suppose the evidence would suggest otherwise.

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