The state of my life, in an occasionally updated nutshell. (Last updated September 8, 2022.)


One year ago, Amy and I moved into a little co-op in New York City's Upper West Side neighborhood. It's the first home either of us have ever owned, after decades of renting. We love it here, and after years of moving every 18 months or so, we finally expect to stay put for a long time.


In 2021 I switched careers away from software engineering, returning to my professional roots by joining Google as a technical writer. I lead a small team in charge of the documentation of a cloud database service.

Working in a very large collaborative environment has required a lot of adjustment after 15 years of working independently. It took me an entire year to only begin feel some comfort and flexibility with the role. Very lately, I've started to settle into it, and even enjoy myself a bit.

Amy joined Columbia Law School as its new Head of Library Technology in April. She feels pretty great about finally achieving a true-and-titled leadership role within her field.

Both of our employers have hybrid office-attendance policies, so Amy and I alternate our work-from-home days. We both have short and easy commutes to our respective offices, in opposite directions along the same subway line. Some days I still viisit the little Midtown office I have rented for cheap since 2020, but I expect to say goodbye to that later this year.

Ongoing projects

Still presidenting at IFTF, which amidst my ever-careening attention remains top candidate for the most meaningful thing I'll ever have done with my life.

I keep a personal blog at, and have written hundreds of essay-length posts there over several years. In early 2022 I decided to take a break from updating it regularly, while I work on re-balancing my new professional life.

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