An index of a few non-game-related projects of mine.


Plerd is an ultralight, Dropbox-friendly, Markdown-based blogging platform. I use it to run my personal blog.

A couple of Twitter bots

@EasternClock has only one tweet in its history at any given time, but it's always accurate to the minute regardless. @AcrosticPi builds a path through pi using other peoples' tweets.

An inch-long universal text encoder

A method of unparalleled efficiency and flexibility for encoding text.


Spoilerific is a free, online tool I host that helps Twitter users discuss books, movies and games they like without accidentally spoiling their friends about plot details.

Inform 7 Extension Search

Inform 7 Extension Search provides a searchable alternative interface to the list of all known extensions to Inform 7, a language for creating parser-driven interactive fiction games.


A proposed XML-based markup language for online comics. I no longer develop or maintain this; I keep these documents here for archival purposes.

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