updates: 2003

October 28

Made a quick-reference guide to nXML-mode for Emacs (just an export from an OmniOutliner file, really), which I have written about elsewhere.

(XHTML-compliance work will resume RSN. A-yep. Been highly busy with a very interesting personal project that will take a few more months to develop, at least.q)

August 2

I have finally started to learn CSS and apply it to this website. I'm working towards strict XHTML compliance site-wide, and realize I've a ways to go yet. (I'm not sure if I'll even bother trying to make compliant some of the ancient CGI toys from my learning-Perl days, which continue to whirr away in the darker recesses of this site.)

I've also been applying some rethinking to the site's flow, which I think makes it a lot nicer, or at least more gratifying to my ego: the weblog is now the front page, and an everpresent navigation bar lets you zap to the weblog, my media log, or any of the site's main static sections. It also continually advertises the O'Reilly books that I'm in, ho ho.

Ironically, I learned CSS to make the media log prettier, and I still haven't touched that site's layout. Who knows when that will happen?

June 2

While moving this past weekend I came across a copy of O'Reilly's Mac OS X Hacks, sent to me a couple of months ago because its editors used my O'Reilly Network story about secure mailreading as part of its content. I suppose that I was too absentminded to note this at the time, so today I have placed an image-link to the book on the front page.

Speaking of moving: I've updated my vCard.

May 28

My Minty friends have again pushed me into generating a PGP key. Unlike the last several times, I'll try to make this one permanent by sharing it on my website, and linking to it from my contact page. You can also fetch it from MIT's PGP keyserver, keyed under "". So, feel free to encrypt the things you send me, if you wish.

The media log now has its own RSS feed, found at It's not very exciting as a web page, but an RSS aggregator could do interesting things with it.

Meaning to finally create a link (besides the one on this page) to the IF Archive mirror I run, I ended up completely rewriting my interactive fiction page. After many years of neglect, most of the links had lay broken for gord knows how long, and anyway the writing style found there no longer appealed to my modern snooty published-author sensibilities. I think it's a lot better now, and certainly more accurate than it was yesterday.

May 13

It seems that I have finally started to recover from almost two years of book-writing; the neglected jmac media log lives once more! Uglier than I'd like it to be right now, and the old entries (I now see) are rife with spelling and factual errors, but it properly accepts and displays content so I'm not holding my breath for any cosmetic improvements this time tomorrow. Oh well.

Launching any personal project after all this time gives me a very good feeling. My back burner is cluttered, very cluttered, and I hope I can clear more of out in a timely fashion.

January 3 now hosts a mirror of the Interactive Fiction archive.

January 2

Noted my AIM nick (zendonut) on my contact page, and also made a vCard file with all my contact information available for download.

Moved the 2002 updates to their own page. Wondered where the 2001 updates have disappeared to.

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