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nXML Quick Reference
  • Editing
    • C-c C-f
      • Close current element.
    • C-c C-i
      • Create new element, inline-spaced.
    • C-c C-b
      • Create new element, block-spaced.
    • C-M-f
      • Move forward one item.
    • C-M-b
      • Move backward one item.
    • C-M-d
      • Move one level deeper into the document structure.
    • C-M-u
      • Pop one level out of the document structure.
    • C-M-k
      • Kill the current item, starting at point.
    • C-M-@
      • Mark the current item.
    • C-Return
      • Tab-completion of current thingy.
      • Based on the currently loaded RNC schema.
    • C-c C-u
      • Insert a character, by its Unicode name.
      • Example: WHITE SMILING FACE. Tab completion works.
      • Depends on support files, in char-name/unicode. Will complain if they're missing.
  • Validation
    • C-c C-v
      • Toggle validation mode.
    • C-c C-s
      • Specify a schema to validate against.
      • Prompts for filename. Must supply an .rnc file.
    • C-c C-n
      • Go to next validation error.

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