updates: 2004 - 2005


August 28

I really haven't done anything on this site in a long, long time, because Volity and certain related projects continue to take up all my hack-time.

I did make a new page about The Gameshelf, a TV show I've started producing for local community access TV. It's also available via the Internet, so check it out.

Also, some time ago I removed the weblog stuff from the front page and now link to my LiveJournal instead.


February 19

I have sidegraded my ever-neglected media log, moving to a Movable Type system. This allows me to invite friends on board.

Currently the site uses a pure-default MT setup; look for me to break things with cool additions later.

January 12

My free time has been more or less entirely consumed for months with a personal project larger than anything I've attempted so far. It finally has a website.

I am pleased to announce Volity, an open protocol and system design for playing multiplayer games over the Internet. Everything about it is pre-alpha, but it's chugging along, and I've already written quite a lot of documentation about it.

And since I'm consequently working with Jabber, I've given myself a Jabber ID ( and updated by vCard appropriately.

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