The thing I make the most of is hot air, I guess...


My dissatisfaction with game-related media led me (with the ongoing help of many friends) to launch The Gameshelf, a TV show about obscure board and digital games. All episodes available online, along with supplementary information.

There is also Jmac's Arcade, a series of monologues set to video.


I write a lot. Well, maybe not so much as you, but more than most people, anyway.


I have coauthored two books about technology: Perl & XML, with Erik Ray, published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. in April 2002; and Mac OS X in a Nutshell, with Chuck Toporek and Chris Stone, published by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. in January 2003.


I keep an online journal detailing my daily wanderings. It's more of an open letter to my friends, really, but kept public because I am never entirely certain just who my friends are, so I split the difference.


Speaking of the O'Reilly Network, a column I wrote about ComicsML, a proposed simple markup language for online comics, got a lot of attention when it was published in 2001. (I maintain a website about ComicsML, for what it's worth, but the project isn't very active due to me being way too busy with another stuff, alas.)

I've also a piece about secure mailreading with Mac OS X, and another on Mac OS X and IMAP.

Random Essays and such

My report of sf27, a local Sci Fi movie marathon.

A zen-pop funny animal comic strip that I haven't worked on in years.

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