A tasteful alternative to Amazon book links

I just learned that Micro.blog hosts a simple service presenting an attractive alternative to “just link to Amazon” when it comes to hyperlinking book titles. Here’s an example: https://micro.blog/books/9781501173219. The numeric part of the URL is the book’s ISBN.

In my own blogging, I’ve tended to link to a book’s Goodreads page, even though that feels only marginally less nakedly capitalistic than an Amazon link. (And yes, Amazon owns Goodreads.) I’ve also experimented with hyperlinking directly to WorldCat, but have found its pages a little too ornery. This Micro.blog service feels like a viable intermediary, offering links when available to WorldCat, Bookshop.org (promoting local bookstores), and the inevitable Amazon.

I look forward to trying this one out in upcoming book posts.


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