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Discussion at last week’s HWC London meetup focused mainly on documenting and illustrating the IndieWeb; at least three of the five attendees (myself included) have in-progress projects in this regard:

  • Ana Rodrigues shared a hand-sketched graphic, to appear as part of a forthcoming article, demonstrating how various technological building blocks (Webmention, Microformats, et cetera) can stack together to form a page on the IndieWeb.

  • I mentioned my recently published Webmention resource page.

  • Calum Ryan showed off IndieWeb Guides, an intentionally small, “brochure”-style website-in-progress that introduces IndieWeb concepts.

I do especially like the attitude of Calum’s work, beginning with three clearly-phrased “difficultly settings” for expressing one’s current level of exposure to and expertise with IndieWeb concepts, and presenting next steps from there. That minimalist attitude is something that IndieWeb documentation needs a lot more of, a complement to necessary but overwhelming resources like the ubiquitous wiki.


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