I read you, over

Joe announces that he’s gotten Whim working, requiring that I complicate his life further through an in-reply-to webmention flung back in his direction, by way of this post.

I quipped to folks at that Wednesday HWC London meetup that two people using IndieWeb technology still feels like that classic early Simpsons scene where Bart and Milhouse play with Walkie Talkies, and call each other on the phone in between messages to ask excitedly if the other one heard their voice on the radio. Which is to say: it feels like play, and what’s wrong with that, today?

Props as always to the denizens of the IndieWeb chat for providing me with Microformats-debugging help that Joe didn’t ask for, but which he’s getting anyway, because when you become the first known not-me user of one of my obsessive software packages, you get platinum-level customer support. That’s just good business.


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