How I’ll empathize with Trump supporters

Trump-supporting ordinary citizens, however misguided, must accompany the rest of us into the brighter future that just became a little more possible. Let them vote against that future, again and again, and find only defeat and disappointment. Each loss will make life a little better for themselves and their families, even as they resent the notion of life improving for other families too. All of this works only if it works for everyone, so along they come, whether they like it or not.

Trump-supporting political actors, on the other hand, are anathema to the human species’ future. They deserve nothing but shunning and scorn. Nobody with a reputation to maintain should associate with or hire them, for any role: not a cabinet job, not a teaching gig, not a parking lot attendant down at the Safeway. Fill all these positions with anyone except for Americans who, granted with political power, bent it towards selfish, hateful, destructive ends. Let them spend the rest of their days mired in regret, those of them with enough heart left to feel anything.


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