Kicks Condor and the Disney Takedown

Kicks Condor, the creator of my favorite feed reader, has gotten enmeshed in shenanigans after the Walt Disney company seized all their digital assets on copyright grounds, claiming that a character in a leaked National Treasure 3 screenplay is named “Kicks Condor”.

Or so the website suggests, which as I type this is covered in bizarre glitchwork. If you click around enough you can expose the personal journal of the monomaniacal corporate lawyer behind all this, itself a portal to deepening intrigue. Then come strange hints of hastily-hidden secrets, and breadcrumbs left by the site’s original owner, leading to a mysterious dungeon…

And, all the while, Kicks’s Twitter account has been subsumed by an incompetent IT team, and I’ve started to receive dramatic but internally confused marketing email as well.

Can I just say that stuff like this keeps me alive?


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