Comixology Unlimited is pretty good

After using and enjoying it for most of the past nine months or so, I’ve let my subscription to Comixology’s “Unlimited” service lapse. My interest in comics comes and goes, and it happens to have faded out for the present. I imagine that Amazon will be pleased to resume accepting my six bucks per month once it returns.

I do recommend Unlimited for any sometimes-or-more comics fan who owns a decent tablet. With my 11-inch iPad and an Unlimited subscription, I feasted quite well for months. Many series, I find, make the first volume of two of their back catalogs available through Unlimited. This creates a dizzyingly wide and satisfyingly deep comics-sampler covering many genres. I wrote about how I explored the earliest adventures of Nexus this way, last November — and the hesitancy I felt, at first, with using this service at all.

I’d still rather make use my public library for reading comics collections! And, reader, I started to type “But with that option sadly unavailable for now…” but now I see that NYPL is starting to offer curbside pickup for holds. Whatever: Comixology Unlimited is still a pretty good service if you don’t mind attaching yet another Amazon-subsidiary leech to your pocketbook. Thus I will end this note to say that I found unsubscribing from the service such a non-hassle that I don’t recall exactly what steps I took, and this alone compels me to salute it.


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