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My warmest regards go to Brian Sullivan, Mark Sivak, and Terrence Masson of Northeastern University’s Creative Industries program for the opportunity to design and teach this lab course.

Sean Duncan (Miami University) gave me invaluable assistance in building my syllabus and helping find some preparatory reading material, while Clara Fernández-Vara (MIT) and Scott Nicholson (Syracuse University) offered excellent critique and advice about the shape of my course after the semester had begun. My thanks to all these game scholars.

Deborah Kaplan (Simmons College) and Melissa Kibbe (Johns Hopkins University) helped me keep gamer-accessibility and female game creators’ visibility in mind, respectively, while designing and running this course.

Finally, I must extend my thanks to the hundred students of Fall 2011’s GAME1111 for making the semester what it was! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors; play smart.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this work. Feel free to contact me at my personal email address, (I no longer use the short-lived email address that appears in the class materials.)

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