Washington, DC is surely the mostly densely statuaried city I have so far visited, but the only one i shot was this lion, because I thought it would look cool with the moon hanging over it, not realizing the moon would show up as a tiny smear, and cause lens flare as well. Shucks.

Look, I found the street where the secret New World Order meetings take place! And there was a UFO too! And the other street sign is trying to hypnotize me into forgetting that I was there. Good thing I had my camera!

This is the worst sign ever, not just because it's in questionable taste, but because they imply that they will crash your car if you let them try to park it.

This is the best sign ever. How did the artist manage to sneak in the anti-establishment message conveyed by the smiling reindeers' hurling away of their boss's cargo behind his back? I think it's the second one from the front that makes it impossible to see the image any other way, what with the way he's blindly shoving the box off to one side while keeping an eye on Santa. He's the lookout, see.

Erik Ray tries to hide his disappointment at the Sci-Fi channel's lackluster adaptation of Dune.

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