jmac Media Journals

jmac Media Journals

For the longest time I've been meaning to keep a running diary of all the media I choose to consume, and my thoughts on them. See, I like to be packrattish about everything I can, be they actual things or just the ideas of same, and find it tragic when I ponder all the beautiful thoughts I have about the strange things I see, and how they all just drift away once I think them, or use them once in a conversation.

So, this site is here for me, mostly, a database for my own use, but maybe other people will get a small kick out of it too. I mean, I know I always enjoy seeing other people's pages like this. So again we come back to me. But isn't that the audience in mind for all the best creative endeavors? The artist himself? I like to think so. (Ha, get it?)

As with everything else on, this site will start out as static pages, and will become something more dynamic and nice once the inspiration bites me.




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