The video store is closed indefinitely, alas. I only ever sold a handful of these discs over a two-year period, and I cannot produce further copies without further financial investment.

Happily, you can still enjoy these videos online, as originally intended. Just follow the links as appropriate. Thank you for visiting!

The Video Store

Here's where you can buy your very own DVDs of The Gameshelf and Jmac's Arcade.

Yes, you can watch all these shows for free over the Internet! But I hope you'll consider buying these DVDs anyway, because all purchases go directly towards supporting my producing more shows like these. Plus, you'll have them in a lovely and shelf-worthy format that's a lot easier to enjoy on your couch, or give to your intelligent and game-loving friends.

All prices are in US dollars, and include shipping to anywhere via US Postal Service. I use PayPal to process all orders, and will get stuff out the door within a week.

The DVDs include labeled jewel cases, and are hand-burned and assembled by yours truly. If you have any questions about these discs or the material on them, please drop me an email.

The Gameshelf: Episodes 1 - 6

This set of three DVDs (stored in a single case) collects the first six episodes of The Gameshelf, a half-hour TV show about game history, culture, and critique. Each episode examines several games with a common theme from a variety of media - digital, tabletop, and otherwise.

Topics covered in this collection include medieval and sci-fi-themed games, wargames, tile games, games about economics, and games with hidden roles.

The set also includes The Gameshelf's prototype episode, promo reels, and other extras.

Price: $20

The Gameshelf — Sample Excerpt

Several friends help Jmac demonstrate Andrew Plotkin's Werewolf, a party game about persuasion, deception, and groupthink. This is an excerpt from our fifth episode, which is all about games of hidden roles. (The game moderator in this clip is Plotkin himself.)

Jmac's Arcade: Episodes 1 - 6

This DVD contains the first six installments of Jmac's Arcade, an unusual and very personal retrospective of classic arcade games by Jason McIntosh. Each one pairs the visuals of a video game from the early 1980s with a spoken monologue where Jason recalls how it fit into his life at the time, as well as its role in video game history.

This collection includes endearing audio-visual essays on Pac-Man, Missile Command, Moon Patrol, and more. Even if you happen know these games backwards and forwards, you'll learn something about their history and culture.

Price: $15

Jmac's Arcade — Sample Episode

Jmac talks about Missile Command, and that one time when he didn't write any letters to Ronald Reagan. The DVD version looks just like this except that it fills your entire TV screen. Pixels the size of your fist, and all that.

Combo Deal: All of the above

Get both of the above DVD sets together, and save a few bucks! This will net you the first six episodes of both Jmac's Arcade and The Gameshelf.

Price: $30

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