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hi I am Josh McIntosh the twin 'Brother" of the !!!INCARNATION OF ALL THAT IS VILE!!! Jason McIntosh

i am forced to live a miserable existence with this wretched man, always in his shadow, as he traipses through life... trusting fool, he even grants me an account on his machine, haha, not that im not grateful, in fact I Like it so Much i'll soon have the whole computer to myself, haha

yes friends my! months of toil are finally paying off as I have managed to manipulate events so that Macworld SF has invited !!!!ME!!11!!!!1! instead of that miserable clown Jason to speak on a panel. later they added his name too, i care not, all the better he witness my plan firthand haha.!

you may send me letters of support at, thanks to Jason for being foolish enough to lend me this account, soon all of will be mine !1 !1

Heute die Welt Morgens die Sonnensystem

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