Jmac's DS page

Much like you, I haven't thought about the Nintendo DS since the rise of the iPhone in the late twenty-aughts, so this page hasn't been updated since then.

I love the Nintendo DS. It's my favorite video game system by far, and made me a fan of Nintendo again. I have a pipe dream of putting Volity on it, someday.

This page serves as a repository for my Ninendo WiFi Connection friend codes, as well as random stuff I might find or create regarding the DS.

Friend codes

Feel free to add me to your friend roster with any of these games, and get in touch if you'd like to set up some play-time. IM is probably easiest; I'm zendonut on AIM and on Jabber.

GameFriend codeNotes
Tetris DS519310566343
Mario Kart DS326476971938
Animal Crossing: Wild World008653805490Character: jmac!!
Town: Checher


So far the only thing here is my guide to conducting real-world agitprop in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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