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In January 2006 I picked up Animal Crossing: Wild World for my Ninetndo DS. It immediately charmed the hell out of me, and quickly became a favorite. While it's primarily targetd to children, I find that it contains enough sophistication and surprises to keep me coming back every day. Well, that and the fact that it does a very good job of tickling one's built-in urge to collect, and preventing the collection from ever growing too tiresome or repetitive.

My town

Here is my town information. Feel free to add me as a "friend" in your game, but (according to game rules) you won't be able to visit until I add you back, so you'll have to get in touch if you'd like to actually set up a trade or something.

Namejmac!! (Include the !s.)

I find that trying to actually talk through the game's built-in chat interface is terrible (stop, bring up menu, bring up chat screen, laboriously poke out a message, hit send, put window away -- ugh), so I'd rather carry on a conversation over IM or telephone during an Animal Crossing visit.

Weblog posts

Here's all my "animal crossing"-tagged posts, in the reverse chronological order that's all the rage these days. Includes my ruminations about why and how the game works.


I am currently (as of the date found at the bottom of this page) seeking the following items in order to complete the various in-game quests in which I am currently embroiled. If you can help me out, I'd be interested in a trade of some sort.

  • Specific items
    • Twinkle Shirt
    • No. 23 Shirt
  • Furniture sets
    • Exotic
    • Modern
    • Lovely


Read my illustrated guide to conducting a real-world political agitprop campaign via Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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