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NU GAME1111 Homepage - Fall 2011

NU GAME1111 Homepage - Fall 2011

This page links to resources and homework assignments for NU's GAME1111 course, taught by Jason McIntosh.

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Course information

Games and assignments

Before you attend each week's class, set aside some time to browse that week's page in the list below. Each page links to rules and free online editions of the game, enough to let you become familiar with the games' rules on your own.

There will, in fact, be a quiz...

  1. Introduction

  2. Cosmic Wimpout and Can't Stop

  3. Poker and Lamarckian Poker

  4. Tetris and Blokus

  5. Hunt the Wumpus, Choice of Broadsides, and Lost Pig

  6. Donkey Kong and Limbo

  7. Dominion

  8. Design exercise: Creating Dominion cards

  9. Design exercise: Testing and critiquing Dominion cards

  10. Forbidden Island and Left 4 Dead

  11. McDonald's Videogame, Passage, and Galatea

  12. Werewolf, Action Castle, Diplomacy, and wrap-up

Optional followup material

Regarding Java

Many of the fan-made board game adaptations we link to here require that your computer has Java installed. Unfortunately, it's likely you don't have Java, especially if you have a newer Mac or PC. (For various reasons, many board game fans who are also computer programmers tend to be old-school types who just loooove Java. C'est la vie.)

Happily, installing Java on your computer is free and relatively painless. To download and install Java on your computer, follow this link.