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GAME1111 week 2: Pressing your Luck

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GAME1111 Week 2: Pressing your Luck


Before class starts you should know how to play the following games. They're not hard! Read the rules linked below, and practice with the games' online versions.

Feel free to find and obtain your own copies of these games if you wish, but this isn't required. We will play with physical editions of these games in the lab.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Cosmic Wimpout

If you wish, can can purchase your own copy of this game pretty easily. It's sold at many game stores and hobby shops, and should cost $10 or less.

Can't Stop

This game is currently out of print. You can find copies for sale on eBay and such if you really want to, but we'll play in class using copies of the printable board linked to below.