Using the design sheet

First, under Design Team, just fill in your table’s number (between 1 and 9). Then write the names of all your team members under Team members.

Write a big 1 after the words Custom Card at the top of the sheet. If you design a second card, write a big 2 there instead.

Card Information

Fill in the name, type, and cost of your card where indicated.

Possible card types include Action, Victory, and Treasure. Action cards might also be Action / Attack and Action / Reaction cards (like the base set’s Militia and Moat cards, respectively). I will also accept combined-type cards, such as Action / Victory, i.e. an Action card that also grants its holder victory points.

Card Effect

Print here the card’s effect when played (if it’s an Action), its value (if it’s a Treasure or Victory card), or any other text that should appear on the card. If someone on your team feels up to the task, you can provide some thematic artwork here as well, but you don’t have to.

Your writing must be absolutely clear here. Your playtesters will not have the chance to ask you for clarification about the card’s effect! Use Dominion’s established notation when possible (“+1 Buy”, “+2 Action”, etc.), and keep any other text clear and simple. Resist the temptation to add “flavor text” that might confuse your testers.

Playtest Report

Leave this section blank for now. Your playtesters will fill it out next week.