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GAME1111 (Tuesday section) – Quiz – Week 5

Your name (please print clearly!): __________________________________

How do your characters’ stats change in Choice of Broadsides?

Which of these is the best description of the stats’ purpose during the game?

In the original version of Hunt the Wumpus, what shape is the Wumpus’s cave?

The wumpus-hunter says, “I feel a draft!” What does that mean?

Which of these best describes the story structure of Lost Pig (and other games like it)?

In what perspective is Choice of Broadsides told?

Which of these objects are in Grunk’s inventory at the start of the game?

Which of these is not a way to die in Hunt the Wumpus?

Which of these is a recurring character in Choice of Broadsides?

At the beginning of Lost Pig, what’s Grunk’s stated motivation?

For extra credit, briefly describe the final action sequence at the end of Choice of Broadsides.