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GAME1111 (Tuesday section) – Quiz – Week 4

Your name (please print clearly!): __________________________________

For each question below, cross out the box for the correct answer.

Which of these is the best description for who wins a game of Blokus?

Who originally designed Tetris?

All Blokus pieces are made up of little squares. How many squares are in the largest Blokus pieces?

Tetris pieces are also made of squares. How many squares are in its largest pieces?

Tetris is unusual among videogames for being continuously in publication, through one developer or another, since the 1980s. Lots of people still buy and play it. In one short paragraph, describe one reason why you think this is so.

Extra Credit: Within a single player’s collection of Blokus pieces, how many have the same shape as Tetris pieces? Write your answer below.