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GAME1111 (Tuesday section) – Quiz – Week 3

Your name (please print clearly!): __________________________________

For each question below, cross out the box for the correct answer.

Assuming standard rules, which of these Poker hands has the highest value?

And which of them has the lowest value? (Yes, they’re the same hands.)

Under standard rules, what’s the minimum bet or raise in a round of Texas Hold ’Em?

In Texas Hold ’Em, what is a “blind”?

I go all-in with my 10 chips. You have 100 chips, and you haven't bet yet. How many of those 100 chips might I possibly win?

Which is these is true for Texas Hold ’Em but not Five-Card Draw?

Which of these best summarizes an entire hand of Texas Hold ’Em?

What’s the play pattern of an entire hand of Five-Card Draw?

Who is Lamarckian Poker named after?

How often do you place bets in Lamarckian Poker?