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GAME1111 (Friday section) – Quiz – Week 11

Your name (please print clearly!): __________________________________

Choose one of the games from this week’s homework (Passage, Galatea, or McDonald’s Videogame). In a paragraph or two, describe your own reaction to your first time playing it. (Or your first few times, if you played more than once in one session.) Do you feel the game was successful in conveying an artistic or political statement to you, the player? Did you find this statement to fit the medium of a videogame (versus, for example, a non-interactive film or cartoon)? Why or why not?

Take-home extra-credit question: Choose any game we studied during any lab meeting other than today’s. It can be a videogame or a tabletop game. In a paragraph or two, make an argument that this game advanced a particular political agenda or artistic statement, even if that wasn’t the game’s central purpose (as opposed to the games we looked at today).

You may answer this extra-credit question as homework. Mull it over, and then send me email ( before Thursday, December 8 with your answer.