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GAME1111 (Friday section) – Quiz – Week 10

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Answer one of the following questions in a short paragraph or two. (Yes, this is the whole quiz today.)

Forbidden Island is a streamlined version of Pandemic, a game by the same designer. Among other differences, players keep their cards in Pandemic hidden, as if they were Poker hands. Players are allowed to talk about cards all they want; they just can’t show their cards outright. How would this rule change affect gameplay, if applied to Forbidden Island? Why do you think the designer chose to have Forbidden Island use open-handed play instead?


Hearing about your expertise at designing new Dominion cards, Valve Corporation has hired you to help redesign Left 4 Dead. (Hey, it could happen.) They wish to modify the game so that each of the four characters has a unique power. Describe the character-specific powers (or weaknesses?) you'd grant to any two of the game's heroes, and provide a short justification for each. (For reference, the characters include Louis the office worker, Zoey the college student, Francis the tattooed biker, and Bill the old veteran.)